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"Hi, My Name Is Shane Wright

I help aspiring novelists increase book sales, automate their business, and ultimately become a Best Seller in their genre so they can take home more money and save more time at the end of the day.

I DON'T help you write the book, I help you SELL the book."

The 3-Step Sales Doctor Framework

No, the 1-3-2 isn't a typo. Let me explain. When trying to sell anything, the message is key. The first thing I do when crafting my sales message is figure out WHO I am talking to (1), once I know who I am talking to, I create an offer that best serves them (2), then I craft a story that should bridge the gap to the audience, convincing them why they need my offer (3).

Once I have the 3 pieces together, I craft my sales message with the talking points being in the imaged order -> 1-3-2.

What About When I Have My Sales Message?

We Get Started On A Sales Strategy!

1. Planning & Strategy

We craft online advertising plans to help reach your business goals -- getting more customers and making more money!

2. Building A Sales System

We create what's called a "sales funnel" so you can generate leads/ sales in an automated way.

3. Stop The Bleed

After some testing, we audit the funnel to see where we're losing people and make appropriate changes to get more buyers.

4. Advertising & Scale

Once we've found what works, we scale it up and do it all over again. This is where we establish authority within the industry to your viewers.

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